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hello! I'm Ren

I am a mother, a seeker, a friend, and a guide...

a lover of nature, and a believer in the importance of reconnecting to ourselves and to the natural cycles of the earth. 

I practiced yoga on and off for many years, but really established my daily practice a few years ago when I started to delve more deeply into breathwork and meditation. 

my first breathwork experience was so powerful -  I knew immediately that I needed to help bring this practice to more people.  I finally understood the transcendental state that people speak of, but that I had never quite reached...

I felt so connected to myself, and to the present moment, and I felt I deeply understood the connection between all people and the earth in that moment.   

the practices that I am exploring, learning and now teaching not only create a stronger foundation for each of us to move through the world with a greater sense of purpose, an increased ability to take action, to work in flow with the universe - they also allow our bodies to return to a state of balance - activating our natural healing processes, and providing a greater sense of wellbeing.  

but most importantly they create a better world

- for our children and for each other.

my hope is that you will explore some of these practices too, and that they will help you find your centre, and live brilliantly from that place every single day!

Pleated Fabric


"The practice of breathwork completely took me by surprise. I had a vague idea of what to expect, but the reality of it was transformative. 

Renee’s guidance is calm and centred, in a space that feels restorative and nurturing.  Breathwork has supported my body and mind to release long held trauma, and Renee has expertly facilitated my journey in an incredibly intuitive way. I am so thankful to have found breathwork through her."

jocelyn a

“Simply put, Renee has a gift. I’ve had therapy on off over the years and with just 5 sessions I feel I have achieved more. Sometimes emotions are stored deep within that we have no words for. She’s helped me, and is helping me, release them. Breathwork and being guided by Renee is truly remarkable, cathartic and healing. I highly recommend this path to anyone curious about their inner world."


"My conscious connected breathing sessions with Renee have opened my eyes and heart to myself in ways that are truly profound.  Her gentle, compassionate guidance creates a loving and safe space, and her skill and patience as a co-explorer have helped me move towards understanding and letting go of past griefs.  I am so grateful for the clarity I have been able to bring into my daily life through Renee's sessions."

sianan h

"Breath work has completely transformed my life. Renee is a dream guide! She creates a beautiful, warm and inviting safe space. Her intuitive approach to guiding a breathe makes you feel held during your journey. This helped me feel open to receive the full benefits from this incredible practice."

poppy l

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