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Be here,

It is all too easy to miss out on the beauty of life by living in the past or in the future.  

Bringing awareness to the breath, we can anchor ourselves in our bodies, into the present moment. 


And by doing so, we can live more fully, more joyfully and with more ease as we move through the world.   

what is breathwork?

It can be as simple as adding a breath hold after every inhale and exhale to train your body to breathe more fully.


Or it can lead you on an inner exploration of yourself, releasing stuck emotions and setting you on a new path of freedom.  


journey to a greater sense of wellbeing

Join me for an experience that brings you to a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to those around you, fostering a sense of belonging and calm. 


Upcoming events

“Simply put, Renee has a gift. I’ve had therapy on off over the years and with just 5 sessions I feel I have achieved more. Sometimes emotions are stored deep within that we have no words for. She’s helped me, and is helping me, release them. Breathwork and being guided by Renee is truly remarkable, cathartic and healing. I highly recommend this path to anyone curious about their inner world."

jemma - september 21

"My conscious connected breathing sessions with Renee have opened my eyes and heart
to myself in ways that are truly profound.  Her gentle, compassionate guidance creates a loving and safe space, and her skill and patience as a co-explorer have helped me move towards understanding and letting go of past griefs.  I am so grateful for the clarity I have been able to
bring into my daily life through Renee's sessions. "

sianan h - feb 2021

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